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Medano Pass Trail

A long September drive along Medano Pass, culminating in sandy play at The Great Sand Dunes National Park - not a bad way to spend the day with the family! The sights were beautiful and we had a nice group of fellow travelers with whom to share the experience.

The trail was easy , without any real scary places for those white-knuckled passengers who maybe aren't so adventurous! The trail changes from packed earth to stream crossings to sand, so though it is easy it is by no means boring!

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Rainbow Lake Trail

This trail is a pretty one to take in good weather. The rockiness means you will need a higher clearance vehicle. This is a trail to take slow, to navigate the rough terrain and make it safely around switchbacks. The scary-factor can be a little intense at times if you are afraid of heights. However, the breathtaking sights make it a worthy adventure!

You can read more about this trail here.

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